Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jane Bites Back

Well, it's taken me months, but I've finally finished the book, Jane Bites Back. It takes on the idea that Jane Austen is alive today - as a vampire. I read it through to the end, but it did take me months and I read at least 5 or more novels in the meantime. I wasn't drawn in by it enough, I guess. And as with most of these modern spun tales (especially those written by men), I must say the lack of virtue/innocence/purity is always such a disappointment. Even with P&P and Zombies and Sense and Sense and Sea Monsters... I read them and was mostly entertained, knowing it was more of a tongue in cheek type story. But what is it about men that they have to take it one step (or more) too many past propriety? In Zombie, I looked past the ridiculousness of Elizabeth ripping the heart out of Lady C's ninja and taking a bite out of it, but Sea Monsters... It was too much to have to read the suggestions about Colonel Brandon's tentacles. Just sayin. Perhaps in the future I'll steer clear of the spin-offs written by men... What do you all think on these matters?

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  1. I think that any writer, male or female, can take things too far. This is just another sign of the loss of morality in the world these days.
    I'm also saddened by most spin-offs :(