Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sequels, spin-offs and the like

If you deserve to be in JAA, you have surely read pretty much any sequel or spin-off which you have come across. If you are anything like me, you are often left disappointed in these spin-offs. In my opinion, too many modern authors desecrate that which made Jane, Jane. She was true to societal rules, morals, etc. The heroine was never immoral, corrupt or devious (not including Lady Susan, which Jane herself never chose to publish, interestingly).

I am currently re-reading a Jane themed book, "Captain Wentworth's Diary." Amanda Grange has delved quite deeply into the Jane genre with her many diaries of Austen men as well as one of her most recent novels, "Mr. Darcy, Vampyre." Grange's books I enjoy. True, they aren't Jane, but they are certainly pleasure reads! While the diary of each Austen hero is, in my opinion, quite clearly written by a woman, they are an escape back into a beloved tale, one which we wished would not end in the first place.

And so I ask you, reader, what are your thoughts on these spin-off tales? Have you any favorites? Have you read any by Amanda Grange? Share your thoughts here, and I am sure I will have more posts about other spin-offy sequels as well.


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